Deli professional double-sided markers are designed for: animation, sketching, sketching, illustration, art design, children's drawings, etc. Strong and durable tips: on the one hand, thin round 1mm - for detailed elements or edging (line length 250 meters), and on the other - beveled wide 6mm - for large areas. Excellent color overlay effect, even and smooth. Spirit ink, quick-drying, waterproof, does not spread under drops of water, resistant to fading and retaining bright colors. Non-toxic and without acid. The markers are packed in a zipper bag. Thanks to the case, markers can be taken with you to school, university. After use, the markers should not be open. It is recommended to store in a cool place, away from heat sources. Marker length 15.5cm. Housing: black. In the set: 80 colors.

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